2013, The Year of Inspiration

ImageI’ve always thought of inspiration as something kind of corn ball. A cheesy emotion one only gets from Broadway musicals or gift books in the checkout aisle. It’s disconcerting sometimes that “so-called” inspiration is so easily passed on and pinned that it loses meaning in the translation.

Inspiration can, at times, be embarrassing. It’s hard to admit when things move you for fear that someone else will think the sentiment trite. Inspiration is so personal, letting your guard down to let it in can be a challenge. But challenges can be good, right?

Those who follow my other blog will know I’ve been busy. Busy going back to work full-time. Busy raising the bub. Busy trying to be a good wife. Busy trying to take care of parents reaching a turning point and offer guidance to sisters looking for life changes. I’ve not always been good at any of these things. Falling short like we all do. Missing meaning when it smacks me in the face.

In the coming year, I’m going to need to dig deep and find new sources of emotional bandwidth. I’m going to need to be stronger for myself and those around me. Simply put, I’m going to need to “hold it in the road.” And holding it in the road calls for more inspiration than ever.

Unabashed inspiration.

Sometimes the only way to save ourselves is to let the light in, no matter how humiliating it might be. Hello 2013. Let’s see what you’ve got.


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