It’s raining

What is it about the rain and the quiet that makes everything so contemplative? Somehow I’ve managed to steal the better part of the morning for myself. I sit here considering the damp sky, feeling more content than I’ve felt in years, but the reality that a sadness or two is working its way into the holiday season keeps creeping up.

Coming from a family of women with intense feelings and reactions, I always promise myself that I won’t make a fuss. That I’ll be the rock. The voice of reason in stormy seas. But the fact is, that when the pain arrives, it’s hard to ignore. Especially when it comes barreling out of nowhere at speeds that would leave a freight train blushing.

Right now is the unknown calm. The time to luxuriate in the lack of facts and feelings, and let the natural course of mood sweep me away.

Today is a good day, even if tomorrow looms closer than I’d like.



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