Boyfriend Music

I am one of those girls who always dated boys who loved music. I spent the bulk of my youth and young adulthood following behind one boy or another at the record store while they spent hours flipping through LPs. I love music, but I’ve always been a follower. Allowing boyfriends to introduce and enlighten rather than go seeking for myself.

Girls do this sometimes.

When you have a child, you have to step up to the plate and pass off being the inspired to someone else. You have hours and days in house with a little person to musically inform and every note you put into their heads sticks. You have to dance, like, all the time. And if you have a boy, you have to let him know that it’s OK to dance. That that’s how you get girls to like you.

Music is the ultimate aphrodisiac. The one thing we all have in common. The one inspiration, above all others, that is never ending. There will always be music in everything.

Forever. No matter who the boy is.


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