Invisibility Cloak

My son assured me this morning that it was pajama day at his elementary school, but as we walked closer and closer to school and saw more and more children’s decidedly NOT dressed for nighty night, I started to panic. I asked him if he would be totally freaked out if we got to school and he was the only one in his jammies, and he confidently said, NO. He is still in full command of his positive self-image.

How awesome would it be if everyone lived like that?

Seeing as I walk my son to school every day in the garb I slept in, I can see he’s picked up on my fashion sense. Sometimes I remember to put on lipstick so the other parents won’t think me a complete hobo. Most of the time, not. There is a part of me that appreciates high fashion and clothes and costumes, but there is an even bigger part of me that thinks it is all ridiculous. I have a hunch that many of my fellow villagers, particularly those of the female variety, scoff at my attire. Perhaps I’m even the butt of a few jokes around town. Why knows.

One only need to think of oneself as INVISIBLE to ward off the evil notions of a few busy-bodies.

Now you see me, now you d–……


1 thought on “Invisibility Cloak

  1. meghan

    i officially do not like where you live.

    you need not be invisible. wear it. wear it proudly.

    and just so you know…my baby wore his don’t mess with texas shirt to school today. and he would wear it every day if i let him. i just might.



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