Enjoying the rare morning when the Bub sleeps in. Been up since 5. Did my laps at the pool by 6:30. Now, on the couch drinking coffee and talking to strangers on Twitter, feels almost civilized in a weird 2000 and eleven kinda way. I don’t know about you, but I love the autonomy of the internet.

So, here I sit…

Awaiting the letter that will tell us who the Bub will spend the school year with.

Awaiting next week when I’ll have a whole 7 hours a weekday to call my own.

Thinking about all the wonderful things that I’ll have to say and do with my time.

Hoping I won’t waste a second of it.

Every moment is essential when you’re already dying, right?

The year before I turn 40 is gonna be when all the really awesome stuff happens.

I’m banking on it.


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