Summer’s blasting by so fast, I’m already wondering where the time’s gone. Only so many minutes in the day to get everything done. Maybe I need to make a check list so the rest of the summer doesn’t sneak past…


More importantly, I’m less than a week away from turning 39.


And in the super-mature fashion of my adolescent ancestors, I’ll be screening the last Harry Potter movie in celebration. Beginning the year-long party that will be the end of my 30s.

They were good years.

They were the best years.

I hope I’ll always be able to say that about the years that have just been.

Here’s to that, no?


3 thoughts on “Thirties

  1. meghan

    will you be going to harry potter in costume?! i’m so glad to know you. i hope you have a wonderful birthday…(mine is in 2 weeks). xoxo

  2. scribblerinsa Post author

    I won’t by the boy says he is going to… i have his ravenclaw robes ready just in case he follows through… how was the midnight show?

  3. Tera

    Enjoy 39!!!! It feels odd turning 40. SIGHSIGH…heavy breathing……panic attack!
    I didn’t think I would have a problem with it but I did. 39 is the Jack Benny age! Here I am, almost 40 1/2 and it’s okay because I still feel as I always have.


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