The Last Day

Note: I decided that just because I don’t want to blog about my son anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t talk about how I feel in relation to him, right?

As I drove the Bub to school this morning, I had this horrible feeling of wishing that time would stop. That if I put the car into park and refused to drive any further, the world would quit spinning and time would no longer propel forward.

As we moved closer and closer. I wondered what would happen if I just didn’t take him to school. If I had let him sleep in and refused to bathe him or comb his hair or feed him breakfast.

Like the Grinch, I pondered how to keep the last day of kindergarten from coming.

Once we arrived, I made a grand gesture of getting out of the car. I wanted to hug him on the curb. To look him right in the eye and tell him everything.

How proud I was of him.

How deep my love is.

That he’ll always be my baby.

But he was having none of that, already so preoccupied that the other children were headed past him, focused on their destiny… making it to the classroom before the late bell rang.

He ran off, without looking back.

So it came.

The last day of kinder, without hugs or tears or sweet congrats on the curb.


After 1:50 PM today, my son will never ever EVER be a kindergartener again.

As for me, I’ll still be a mother, trying to save time in a bottle.


4 thoughts on “The Last Day

  1. lauren

    my husband stumbled upon your vintage books blog and sent me the link (LOVE it!), which is how i ended up here. just wanted to leave a note to say, wow, this post brought me to tears. soon enough i will be in your shoes, with my own son… and i’m note sure i will be ready either. love this post, and that song ❤

  2. scribblerinsa Post author

    Thanks Lauren… I previously had another blog on which I prolifically talked about my son but realized it was probably TMI now that he’s starting elementary school.

    During the summer I only really have time for the book blog, but I should be back once school gears up. I hope you’ll hang around…

    I’d like to think it gets easier but my son is so excited for school to start, it’s gonna make me cry now just thinking about it!


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