We have four more days left of kindergarten in this house, and I, for one, am totally psyched. Being a stay-at-home parent means you get to live vicariously through your child round-the-clock. Meaning, when they are on summer vacation, you are on summer vacation.

I don’t know why when I look at the months ahead instead of seeing all the additional laundry and meals and playtime and driving around that I’ll be doing, I’m seeing the summer as I saw it when I was a child. Summer means the pool and sleeping in and having no schedule. Even though it ultimately means more work for me to have the bub home 24/7, it also means that the days will be largely unstructured which is almost better than having freetime to take care of business.

Granted, my ability to write and work freelance and go to the gym will be severely limited having the bub home with me,  but it does mean hours of fun together and weeks of irresponsibility.

I fully recognize how extremely lucky this makes me. Granted, while we are not a rich family, the only reason I am able to do this at all is because my husband is awesome and very smart with money. He makes a reasonable living and we don’t spend a lot of money on material things… most of the money I make freelance goes right back into music lessons for the bub or toys or vacations….

If you haven’t noticed me around San Antonio, I am the one sporting the $15 haircut, wearing the torn stretch pants from Target that are three years old.

My big splurge? Twice a year I have my toes done.

Still, I’m lucky.

I am lucky because I can stay home with my child.

I am lucky because my house didn’t get exploded by a tornado.

I am lucky because my family is reasonably healthy.

I am lucky because I have a brain that works pretty good.

Part of being lucky is trying everyday not to take it for granted.

So, yeah, summer looks pretty awesome from where I sit, even if there is a hole in the seat of my pants.


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